Jamie Goble Brocco

Jamie Goble Brocco finds it satisfying to take an ordinary piece of paper and turn it into something beautiful!  She draws inspiration from Scriptures, nature, and Christmas Songs to design snowflakes.  What began as a relaxing Sabbath Day family activity has evolved as she attempts to fulfill her children’s requests and to involve Scripture Stories in the designs. She uses snowflake patterns to build the readers’ abilities, giving them the confidence to create their own designs.

Jamie has learned to find beauty in all seasons!  During Iowa winters, she can be found sledding with her children or sipping hot chocolate.  In the summer, she enjoys spending time outdoors with her family and harvesting from her edible landscape.  There are always memories to be made!

I tend to be behind the camera . . . 

I am grateful for friends and family who have taken my picture over the years.  Even when I haven't been the most willing participant.  

My hair may not be brushed, my house may be messy, and the pictures might be a bit blurry, but the memories are priceless!

I also appreciate everyone who admits that family pictures do not go as planned (see below).

Family Pictures

Words can not express how much I love these guys!  

. . . plus the one who hadn't arrived yet!

I remember being frustrated the day of -- we didn't get one good pic!  Nothing to send to Grandma!

Now this series is one of my favorites!!!

Edible Landscaping

I have to put this part in so that my friends know that this page is legitimate -- there has to be some plants or gardening info somewhere on a page about me!  

I grabbed a popcorn bowl to help our family salvage all we could from our garden before the fall frost.  Luckily, I had my cell phone with me and paused to snap a picture when I noticed how beautiful the harvest was.  

True to self (it's really me!), the varieties are Purple Podded Pole Beans, Gold of Bacau Beans, Kellogg's Breakfast Tomato (large, yellow), Indigo Rose Tomato (small, purple/pink), Striped Roman Tomato, and the last of our Zucchini (probably Cocozelle).  

We had lots of other tomatoes and pepper varieties, too!  

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