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Coffee Filter Snowflakes

Class Party Season is upon us!  Whether you are in charge of a school or church group, you may be looking for some wintery ideas — look no further!

OK, ok, you can look after this . . .


Coffee Filter Snowflakes are a classic.  We will be using a 6-point design to mimic what we see in nature.  There is math involved, but if you don’t tell anyone, they’ll never know!

Many students need help with hand strength and scissor skills.  This is a great way to prepare students for writing when they insist that they hate writing!



Items needed:

Pattern(s) – provided below

Coffee Filters*


Stapler with staples (or paper clips)




First:  Fold the coffee filters.

IF you want to make a math connection, The circle shape of coffee filters is great for teaching fractions.  Twelfths may seem impossible until we break it down into manageable steps: half, half, thirds.


How to Fold Coffee Filters for 6-point Snowflakes:  https://youtu.be/-9ajD7GRfcQ



Second:  Choose a pattern.  Cut out the pattern leaving the margin above it as an additional area for staples or paper clips to hold the pattern to the folded coffee filter.

Classic Snowflake Patterns, https://drive.google.com/file/d/10tSnZOutoBX13hkyMZJDxh2dsqNkWQ2W/view?usp=sharing

Christmas Snow Patterns, https://drive.google.com/file/d/1IOsfc8NuizhnNb56t6hYEmGA8i6MvuNb/view?usp=sharing



Starburst Snowflake Patterns, https://drive.google.com/file/d/1oB8H9Iv_j0d0_Z32_oEEefilJafpUPbe/view?usp=sharing


Third:  Staple the pattern to the folded paper. Make sure to staple in an area that will be cut away. Staples are not reusable, but they allow students to focus on their cutting skills.

Fourth:  Cut away the shaded areas of the pattern.  Make sure to leave the area with the staple in it until the end, see videos below.

Fifth:  Unfold Carefully!


Classic Snowflake:  https://youtu.be/yJvCj_ToMmk




Christmas Snow:  https://youtu.be/3yZGom3F5oo




Starburst Snowflake:  https://youtu.be/lFaeMHSoVh8




To see more patterns and videos see my Pinterest Board:

Paper Snowflakes: Classroom Resources



Please let me know if there are any patterns that I have shared in the past that you would like to see as six inch patterns (so they will fit on coffee filters).  Happy Holidays!


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*A 6” or larger square of paper can be used instead of a coffee filter.  See https://youtu.be/SqABF-lgqm8 for a video on how to fold a square.