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Owl Snowflake


My daughter says that this is her favorite snowflake so far!  🙂


This one has a lot of cutting practice!  If you wish, you can prune a few branches from the tree.  Paper type will make a big difference in the ease of making the cuts:  newspaper weight works great!


The video shows “the hard way,” cutting out all the branches precisely to keep the leftovers for an outer 2-in-1.  For beginners, it will be helpful to staple the paper together and not worry about an outer 2in1 — do what works for you!


YouTube:  https://youtu.be/AjyRWTasZ04


The Owl Snowflake Pattern is a 12″ pattern.  You will need a 12″ (or larger) square of paper, scissors, paper punch, and something to hold the pattern on top of the paper:  paper clips or staples.  You will also need patience!  Take your time and remember to pause at the points to turn the paper while you are cutting.

The Owl Snowflake Pattern is available as a pdf at https://drive.google.com/file/d/1-hi9diRE35t27VjbIgvNSrZlilokXgvY/view?usp=sharing


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Don’t forget to experiment with leftovers!  The snowflake above is an outer 2-in-1.



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