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Folding Snowflakes Q&A: Reindeer 6 vs 8



The most common question I receive is, “Why do you make the folding so hard?” often followed by, “Why can’t I just fold the paper in half, half, half, and then half again?”

In the world of Paper Snowflakes there is sometimes heated discussions over how many points a snowflake should have.  As an artist, you can choose how to represent your subject.

I choose to mimic the designs I see in nature:  snowflakes with 6 arms/branches.  Thus the folding methods and snowflake patterns that I share are for 6 pointed snowflakes.

With practice the folding becomes easier.  If you prefer a different method, you can adjust the patterns to work with the folding style of your choosing; the Reindeer Snowflake works perfectly for illustrating the difference between snowflakes with six points and those with eight points.

If you want to turn this into a math lesson, you can talk about how many layers of paper the different folding styles create and what degree angle is created in the center of the paper.

It also makes a great science lesson as you delve into the structure of snowflakes and how and why they form.  An amazing resource for the science behind snowflakes is Kenneth G. Libbrecht, Physics Professor at the California Institute of Technology, see http://snowcrystals.com/

You might even try your hand at macrophotography!  Learn about Snowflake Bentley who is the first known person to photograph snowflakes at https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ptLmA263hlk and https://siarchives.si.edu/history/featured-topics/stories/wilson-bentley-pioneering-photographer-snowflakes

I was inspired to try taking pictures of snowflakes and hope for more opportunities to learn.  The snowflake pictures below were taken Winter 2020-2021 in Iowa.  It’s harder than the experts make it look!  The challenge makes it addicting!


Snowflake on Turkey Feather



There are many amazing snowflake photographers out there!  If you are interested in seeing real snowflakes here are some links I hope you will enjoy!

Alexey Kljatov,  https://alexey-kljatov.pixels.com/

Don Komarechka,  https://skycrystals.ca/

Pam Eveleigh,  https://www.flickr.com/photos/pameveleigh

Monique Van Someren,  https://monique-vansomeren.pixels.com/


Below you will find the Box Folding Template and Pattern for the Reindeer Snowflake and an additional video created for Facebook last December. 


The Reindeer pattern is provided separately from the Box Folding Template in case you want to use the full paper of the Box Folding Template and utilize the outer leftovers for an additional snowflake.



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