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International Bat Night: Snowflake with 2in1 Potential

Supplies Needed:

Pattern (included below)
12″ square of paper*
Paper Punch

Paper Clips


As we head back to school, we start to pay more attention to the calendar. Did you know that this Friday, August 27th, is International Bat Night?

Not only do bats help control mosquitoes, but bats also help pollinate some of our favorite fruits like bananas and mangoes, see https://www.fs.fed.us/wildflowers/pollinators/animals/bats.shtml

Unfortunately, bats are susceptible to a fungal disease known as White Nose Syndrome that humans sometimes accidentally spread from cave to cave. Please be aware of the need to clean your equipment when spelunking or enjoying other outdoor activities.

I had fun creating this snowflake!  I hope you enjoy this glimpse of the creative process, https://youtu.be/yEJRaMIN_qM  Admittedly not my best video work, but a second take would not be authentic.   It will walk you through the folding and cutting process using the sketch below.

For more folding practice, please watch https://youtu.be/H9W1Hk63gZA

A pdf version of the original sketch for the 12” International Bat Night Snowflake (above) is at https://drive.google.com/file/d/1T6WN5sG3PwAaJR85VZxXxMgoXetmMyLG/view?usp=sharing

The newspaper snowflake (from the pattern, see below) was completed with only the large orange handled scissors shown in the video. I did the order a bit differently since I decided to keep the hair. 🙂  I started with the nose, then the eye, hair, snout, and between the two folds on the wing. Then I finished cutting out the outer edge, added some freehand details to the center for a 2in1, and cut out the center.

For the 12” International Bat Night Pattern see https://drive.google.com/file/d/1bckx2NwCCfkyOi56KkNIhl3mzp1zPklY/view?usp=sharing

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*Note:  You will be cutting and punching through twelve layers of paper.  Newspaper works great!  20 lb copy paper is the heaviest paper I like to work with.  Wrapping Paper and paper made for Origami often work well.  To test paper for ease of use, fold a piece of paper into twelve layers and try cutting/punching through it.

Don’t forget to experiment with leftovers!  The center of this snowflake has lots of potential!