Note:  The size of the starting square of paper is noted below each pattern.  If there is an 8.5″ below the pattern, it means that you need to start with an 8.5″ square of paper.


Quick Links to PDFs:

Folding Templates:

Learning to fold the paper for snowflakes can be frustrating!  I wish that I could be with each of you to teach you in person!  I am providing Folding Templates to help you; unfortunately not all computer programs and printers are the same.  Most people have success with the Box Folding Template, see

Box Folding Template:

Centered Folding Template:

Right Aligned Folding Template:


Snowflake Practice, Groups:

Group 1, Simple Lines:

Group 2, Simple Curves:

Group 3, Simple Hearts:

Group 4, Transitions:

Lines & Shapes:


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